Well, I guess I would start with what does ‘Coop’s Suitcase’ mean?

It means that I been fortunate enough to have spent most of my life traveling. It started with my childhood vacations in the back of Buick LeSabre with my family driving countless hours to far away places. These childhood vacations ended with the last family vacation that my dad “Jim” was with us, when both of my parents had panic attacks on an ATA flight to St. Petersburg, FL and somehow managed to shut down all the runways to get them off the plane. Let’s just say that they where both fine, but my brother and myself where mortified. And yet that is the story we always go back to joke and laugh about.

After the childhood family trips came the college kid “Euro Train Backpack” phase. Oh, the countries I have been able to suss out the cheapest beer and slightly inhumane hostels for dollars. Checking off the bucket lists of things to see: Eiffel Tower, St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Hofbräuhaus in Munich, running the original marathon from Marathon, Greece to Athens Greece, going to a discotheque in Italy, getting my purse with my passport stolen in Scotland. You name it, I tried to do it, of course until my bartending tip money would run dry.

And then came the time to get a ‘job’. The first ‘job’ officially transformed me to a ‘road warrior’. This is where I have learned the most about travel. It started with my days working for Newman Haas Racing in the CART Series, and continues today working for Red Bull Global Rallycross, and there have been many other companies, clients, colleges, vendors, cities, hotels, airplanes, conventions centers, race tracks, football stadiums, baseball parks, golf course, etc., in between.

And this is where ‘Coop’s Suitcase’ originates from, my years on the road. The plan of the website is to organize my past travels into helpful categories to assist those current road warriors with my favorite haunts, restaurants, bars, jukeboxes, travel tips, and stories, from a girl who has been fortunate enough to travel. Also, I will continue a blog of current travels, as I just embarked on a new job that will keep me traveling for business and excitingly more time now for personal travel.

I hope you tune in and enjoy! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, I am more than happy to share any advice I can.



, October 2015

Laura 'Coop' Cooper

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What we love: It’s real life travel for the career woman who is trying to balance it all and justify that a life on the road is still worth the sacrifice.

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She travels for the work and finds her soul while doing it.

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