It takes a Village of Type A event planner friends….in the Big Easy


On an early Saturday morning in October I boarded a plane from LA, my barely new home, to New Orleans to attend the wedding for a great friend and former co-worker. This friend was set to marry a current co-worker and another good friend of mine. Scott and Liz met in 2014 on the Red Bull Global Rallycross circuit and just a year later, a bunch of us convened on the streets of the Big Easy to celebrate their union.

As we know most type A event planners, we were not just there as guests, but we are there to be a part the wedding. That ‘we’ I mentioned previous are my amazing friends that I have accumulated over the years from racing and event life. This amazing group of people consisted of the official wedding officiate, the photographer, the florist, the floral assistants and the ones who filled the mimosas while we arranged the flowers.

So how did we manage to do this in a city that none of us live in, when most of us are still traveling for work every other weekend? Well it took hours of research (thanks Logan) , a mom that used to work in a floral shop and still has a wholesale account in Chicago, some shipping, a free rental car on Hertz points and some good advice from the local florist. But most importantly, it takes friendship, laughter, frozen daiquiris, an actual skilled friend and photographer and an incredible lady whose first time officiating drew tears from everyone in the crowd.

Beyond our wedding planning duties, we got in a little NOLA-style fun, which included an amazing neighborhood restaurant called Horns, drinks at the Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone, frequenting our favorite dive bar and jukebox on Bourbon St. at Molly’s, catching a Sunday football game at a local New Orleans Green Bay Packers bar, which I forgot the name of since I don’t really care about the Packers, (sorry cheese head friends) and my favorite part, being part of a second line parade through the historic cobblestone streets.

So there you have it, on a weekend off, my pals and I used our #pipedreamcatcher skills to work for the greatest job of all, celebrating the happy marriage of our two friends. Not going to lie, the fun shenanigans that we got into, in a city far away from where any of us live, wasn’t so bad either. Guess what, we didn’t see a racetrack once the entire weekend. That is a success if you ask me.

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