Kitties take Las Vegas

It’s early November when my co-worker and I jumped in my Pilot, which finally made it to LA (dear god, so excited to not be driving a rented Yaris). We where embarking on our last travel journey for the 2015 RBGRC season. Now that I am becoming Los Angeles qualified this road trip started at 9 PM, because apparently there is a very small window to drive to Las Vegas from LA without traffic.

We did all the normal stops you could imagine, Inn and Out burger at LAX, yes we didn’t get too far, gas at the largest thermometer in Baker, a bit of racing back and forth with a BMW who couldn’t decide if they wanted to lead or not, and the usual head nods at about 1 AM, as we hit the lights of Sin City. Upon check in to the SLS Las Vegas, we got a few hours of zzz’s before starting the longest 10 days of work of the season.

This is the 4th year of working a GRC race in Las Vegas and this year we where back at the Village Lot across the street from the Luxor. Now most people are excited that we race in this lot because of the amazing scenic views of the lights of Vegas, or that we are across from many great casinos, or even because it is close to the airport, but my crazy cat loving co-workers and I love this lot because of the ‘Kitty Motel’.


You ask, what is the ‘Kitty Motel’? Well it is an abandoned motel that is smack dab in the middle of this event lot, that for some reason has not been torn down. Instead the ‘Kitty Motel’ has been fenced off and any event type people have to build around this space, which has become home to hundreds of cats. And this is where my cat loving friends and I take things to a new level.

First the day starts with the song Kitty” by Presidents of the United States of America. How did I never know this song existed? And what type of drugs where being used when it was being created? Do yourself a favor and listen to this amazing anthem for the crazy cat lovers. Next we bring out the kitty ears. To be fair it was actually Halloween when these where purchased, but I don’t doubt these will continue to travel with us in 2016. Lastly, we choreographed a cat dance, which is maybe where I think we crossed a line in kitty crazy, and danced on the stage in the Village lot for a few of the Labor Ready folks putting up catch fence. Yes, they loved it.

So you ask, what does this blog entry tail (ha) trying to tell you readers? The answer is this. Camaraderie on the road comes in many shape and forms and here in Vegas, with my co-workers whom have become family, due to many months on the road together, our camaraderie came in the shape of a kitty love. Meow.

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