Marathon Training – Week #1 – December 2016

Hermosa Beach, CA

My first week of running was an interesting one. You see, when you live and work in Los Angeles there is an algorithm that you need to figure out in order to commit to running/working out around your work schedule. And the main reason for this is due to the dreaded term all LA dwellers know all to well, TRAFFIC. The other piece of this puzzle for those that hate the treadmill is called DAYLIGHT.

So take the fact that you work and live 20 miles away. Well any Midwesterner wouldn’t wince at this mileage, but anyone who has lived in LA knows 20 miles could be infinity when it comes to time in traffic. So my week of research started with running after work in Marina Del Rey (so I might have had to slip out a little early to make this happen in daylight), followed by running after work near our office in Pacific Palisades (much better in terms of timing), to researching sunrise timing and running before work in Redondo Beach, where I currently reside. All, and all they all have their benefits, AKA, mostly the ocean views.

Therefore I decided my end of week Saturday ‘long run’ #1 would revolve around the Hermosa Beach, CA Pier. 4 miles of long flat Strand was the scenery for a great first ‘long run’ on this insane marathon journey I am embarking on.

Ultimately, the Week #1 conclusion has resulted in having a prepared bag in my car for whatever mood strikes me each day, and being grateful to have the endless options of amazing scenery when starting to run again. The ocean seems to dull the pains in my legs that I hope are not conspiring to becoming shin splints.

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