My friend ‘Running’ and I meet again

Somewhere between the end of the racing season and now, I decided that it was time to commit once again to running. You see running is my old friend, that ‘friend’ that I visit here and there. We have our issues, sometimes we are dear friends, and sometimes we battle, but in the end ‘running’ is that friend you can always go back to and realize that they are needed. Something inside you needs them more than ever at times in your life, and that time is now.

You see 2016 was quite a year. It had personal and professional challenges, all while getting used to living across the country from what I was used to. You might notice, since this is the first post I have done in this calendar year, that I was presumable busy, or not really focused, or on the road the majority of the year chasing ‘I am not sure what’ and now I am in the ‘off season’, which has always been challenging for me since I began in the sports season business. 120 mph on the gas, to yellow flag, till the next season starts up……so I find myself needing my old friend ‘running’.

And being the Type A person that I am, I need a goal to go along with ‘running’. So here it goes. I am committing to my 2nd marathon, writing about it, chronicling all the places I will end up training for it at, and hopefully along the way inspiring some friends to join me. I also hope to learn about new places to travel to train, take awesome photos, listen to great music and of course, and because there is vanity in us all, loose a few lbs along the way.

So welcome to my journey of marathon training. I am going to thank in advance my trusting editor friends who have committed to helping me improve my writing along the way (thank you Jillian & Betsy). And ask that any of you that want to join me on this journey, whether it be just run here or there, feedback on great running routes, good music, awesome apps to take photos, let me know. Here we go!

1st Marathon in Athens, Greece, 2005

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