Marathon Training – Week #2 – December 2016

Ojai, CA

Week #2 I found myself on the weekend of my long run in Ojai, CA for a friends Bachelorette Party. This was my first time to Ojai and I was very impressed. We stayed at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. This weekend was filled with friendship, laughter, lots of good eats, food, bikes, pj’s, music and all around amazing time.

My Saturday ‘long run’ was through the historic downtown of this quaint town. 2 miles out down the main street, and then 2 miles back. It was like running on a movie set. This gave me the opportunity to see all the businesses that fill this scenic town and get my geography down for the rest of the weekend. This is one of my favorite parts of running, getting my bearings and coming back later.

And later that day us gals hopped on bikes, and pursued the paths of Ojai.   This journey led us to 2 distinctly different accommodations I would come back for. The first was the Caravan Outpost. This resort, if you will, is made up of 11 boutique type Airstreams on property that can be rented, in a community camping like atmosphere. The second was the Ojai Rancho Inn. That particular day, this retro motel was hosting a Christmas Market. Each room was turned into a pop up store. It was like being on a commercial shoot of America Eagle, meets Abercrombie and Fitch, meets Urban Outfitters ‘Hiptsers’. If you ever get the chance you must check out this out next year.

Week #2 in the books!

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